Access Control System Upgrade

Why do we need an upgrade?

The security of the building is compromised because of the large number of uncontrolled physical keys that are in circulation. Copies of gate keys are in the hands of current and former contractors, staff and shareholder acquaintances.

We cannot currently issue new or replacement key fobs. The vendor that supplied the Piano Factory with the system and key fobs is no longer in business.

We do not have a record of how many key fobs are in use or who has them.

What will the upgrade entail?

The existing Access Control System will be upgraded and the Piano Factory will create and administer a new database of users that have access to the building.

Phase 1: Shareholders and tenants will exchange their current key fobs for new ones. Implementing a new database will overwrite the current one.

Phase 2: Shareholders will be asked to identify staff in their employ that have access to the building. The building will make available a controlled set of access cards - instead of physical gate keys – for the staff to use.

Phase 3: After the Access Control System has been upgraded, the Board will change the building’s physical locks. Each apartment unit will be issued with a new physical key(s) to the building.

Benefits of the upgrade

After Phase 3, workers and contractors in possession of physical keys will no longer be able to access the building.

Key fobs and access cards cannot be copied; access can be controlled.

Staff and contractors that are issued with new cards will be granted limited access to the building; 8am to 5pm on Monday through Friday.

Contractors and staff that are no longer employed within the building will have their access revoked.

The Board will be able to track access logs in the event of security incidents.

Key fobs / access cards are cheaper to purchase than physical keys.

Key fobs can be reused and reissued.

When will the upgrade take place?

Phase 1 will take place in January 2019.

Phase 2 will take place later in the spring once we are sure that the upgraded system is functioning properly.

Phase 3 – changing the locks on the 46thSt gate and the 45thSt entrance – will take place in the summer.

What should shareholders do next?

Shareholders should carry physical keys with them so that they can enter the building after the upgrade. Old key fobs won’t work.

After the Access Control System upgrade, shareholders should contact Larry (917 560-6881), Joe (917 692-1153) or James (917 412-8415) in order to exchange their key fobs.

Shareholders will be asked to provide the names and contact details of staff that work in their apartments. Staff will be entered in the Access Control System database and provided with access cards.


The use of physical keys/locks can undermine the benefits of a modern Access Control System. However, given that the Piano Factory is not staffed on a 24x7 basis, the physical locks are necessary as a back up for the electronic system.

Shareholders will be requested NOT to issue staff and contractors with copies of physical keys to the gates.

Shareholders will be asked to remain vigilant and watch for non-residents using physical keys to access to building.

Shareholders should request the return of fobs from employees or notify the Board so that fobs can be deactivated.

Each apartment will be provided with up to two key fobs for resident shareholder family members at no charge. Additional key fobs will be provided for $10 per fob.

Shareholders can purchase access cards for staff and contractors for $10 per card.