Alteration Request

The form below is to be completed at least 10 days prior to any work being performed in shareholder apartment. The Board will review the scope of work and determine whether a formal alteration agreement is required. BOARD NOTIFICATION IS REQUIRED BEFORE ANY WORK IS PERFORMED IN APARTMENT, WHETHER OR NOT SUBJECT TO A FORMAL ALTERATION AGREEMENT. 

Generally, a formal alteration agreement will be required for construction work within the apartment that involves structural changes, any alteration to or opening of existing walls, floors, decks, plumbing or heating fixtures, installation of fixtures or appliances (except for replacement of appliances using existing fittings), exposure of brick walls, or any work that requires issuance of a permit from New York City Department of Buildings. A formal alteration agreement will not be required for cosmetic work such as painting, wallpaper, installation of molding, installation of custom cabinetry or shelving, or floor refinishing. Only water based polyurethane may be used when refinishing floors.

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Shareholder contact number
Include area where work is to be performed, all facets of the work and estimated cost. (Email rider to Antone DeSantis (1C-S) if more information is to be provided. If applicable, also email architect's plans.)
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Estimated start date
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Estimated end date
If no contractor, indicate who will be performing the work.