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Use of Courtyard: Piano Factory House Rules require that use of the public courtyard for parties or other group functions be approved in advance and in writing by the Board of Directors. Please use the EVENT REQUEST FORM below to submit your request for approval at least two weeks prior to the event. While small get-togethers in the courtyard do not require Board approval, shareholders may use the EVENT REQUEST FORM to reserve one of the tables and/or the barbeque grill  for their dinner party. This should be done up to 24 hours before the event.

Note: On the morning of your event, please post a sign on the doors of the lobbies of both buildings to notify shareholders of your event.  If you have reserved a table, please indicate the area of the courtyard in which you expect to congregate.

Use of Shareholder’s Apartment: House Rules also require that a detailed written plan for any non-family private function with more than 30 guests scheduled at the Shareholder’s apartment be submitted to the BOD for approval two weeks in advance of the event.

By submitting this form I confirm that my guests will abide by The Piano Factory House Rules and that I will be responsible for their behavior. 

If using the courtyard, I will ensure that the courtyard furniture is returned to its proper place and that all trash and other party materials are removed.  (Please note:  Leave the grill out; do not return it to the trash room.  The building staff will remove the ashes and put the grill away the next day.)

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